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Our Selection Use this page to select the right tree for your family!

Fraser Fir

The most important quality of this tree is that it does NOT drop needles. The fraser fir is a very popular tree in our lots. We attribute this to the softer quality of the needles and the scent that they give off. The Fraser Fir has gentle needles that are great for families with young children and/or pets. It has a dark green, festive color. 


Blue Spruce

One of our most popular trees for the beautiful blue tinge in it's needles. A blue Spruce's needles are often 1-1.5 inches long, and vary up and down the tree. Although the Blue Spruce has typically sharp needles, it gives off a beautiful resinous scent and is great as an ornamental tree. 


White Pine 

Most people consider this the most beautiful of all Christmas tree types, although it's long, bendy needles can make it somewhat of  a challenge to decorate. Needles are typically 2-5 inches long and grow in bunches of five. 


Scotch Pine

The Scotch Pine is a very well-wearing christmas tree whose needles hold up very well over the holidays. It is a very traditional tree that can vary from dark green to light green depending on the tree in particular. The needles tend to be 2-4 inches in length. 


White Spruce 

This beautiful tree tends to have very dense foliage with slender branches that hold ornaments very well. If you choose a Scotch Pine, you must water it regularly to make sure it doesn't lose needles. These needles are dark green in color and produce a very strong pine smell which ruffled. 



Concolour Fir

The Concolour Fir has long, bluish green needles that tend to be rubbery and flexible. The strong branches make this tree easy to decorate as it holds ornaments very well. This tree is unusual in the fact that it does not drop needles. All of these aspects make it an easily managable tree for families, while still being very ornamental. 




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